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    If you're looking for a character that can fix anything for your Scifi game, look no further. The Scifi Mechanic is a professionally animated character with swappable body parts.

    Features include:
        Male and female models
        Blaster weapon
        3 different skins
        6 animations without weapon: idle, walk, jump up, jump down,  die, dead
        9 animations with weapon: idle, walk, jump up, jump down, die, dead, shoot, raise gun, drop gun
        Muzzle flare visual fx
        Unity Project File
        PSDs of art
        Spritesheets for each character skin

    Everything is setup and ready to go:  prefabs can be dragged and dropped and all characters come with individual animation controllers ready for customization. Look out for future updates when I will be adding more skins.

    Make sure to watch the video for a full preview of the animations and visual fx:


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      released January 01, 2019
    • Package Contents

      File Format: ZIP
      Total file size: 177 MB

      ZIP Includes: Unity Project, Spritesheets, PSDS