Cute RPG Map Builder
  • Cute RPG Map Builder


    This asset was designed to help developers easily make their own custom maps. It was originally intended for an RPG game, but there's no reason it should be limited to only that genre.

    It includes a ground tileset with grass and road tiles (9 tiles all together), as well as 19 various props to help spice the level up. These include: Trees, rocks, houses, etc.

    I've also included 4 different colour level markers, along with a "locked" version.

    The entire tileset comes as a coloured version and a sepia version, in case you're going for more of a "classic" map look.

    It was intended to be for a level select map, but it would work as a simple tileset for a tower defense or top down game.

    I've included PSDs and PNGS. The PSDs include smart objects, so if you double click on the layer you want- it will open to show you all of the props.

    A unity package is includes as well, which has a prebuilt level all set up. However, you do not need Unity to use this asset, it is just optional.

    • Package Concents

      PSD file with art in layers


      Unity Package File

    • Package Version

      Version 1.0 : First Release