Cute Menu GUI Kit
  • Cute Menu GUI Kit


    This asset includes 128 parts to build a cute menu with.

    Package includes:

    •     128 Parts
    •     Title Plaques
    •     Menu Borders
    •     Menu Corners
    •     A base Menu
    •     9 Colours for each piece
    •     9 colours for each button
    •     Normal, Selected, and Highlighted states for each button

    I've included PSDs and PNGS.

    This Menu set matches the Cute Buttons pack, which can be found HERE.

    Stay tuned for my upcoming pack "Cute GUI Kit" which will include this pack, cute icons, cute buttons, and have more UI content and premade menus.

    If you'd like to see more from me, check out my Patreon.


    • Package Concents

      PSD file with art in layers

      Small PNGs

      Large PNGs

      Unity File with all buttons set up

    • Package Version

      Version 1.0 : First Release